On Sunday

Worship Service 10:30am  (1h – 1hr 15 min)

Our sanctuary design and friendly inviting atmosphere help create an environment where the Lord’s presence is felt as together we:

Celebrate: the Lord’s work in us, for us and through us; rejoicing in the joy of the Lord.
Commune: with Him reflecting on who He is and the intimacy of our relationship with Him, and,
Commit: ourselves to living for Him on the basis of His revealed Truth in the Word.

Our style of worship is a blend of traditional and contemporary music in our praise and worship component where we express our hearts to God.

Biblical preaching of the Word is the cornerstone of the worship experience creating a time where God expresses His heart to us.

The Lord’s gracious invitation to “Come to me” is open to everyone who would seek Him.
The Lord’s promise is that all who seek Him will find Him.